Purify your body of toxins.


 Purify your body of toxins.

If you are feeling stressed and tired, this may be the right time for you to do a cleansing and detoxification process for your body.

Exposure to nervous stresses on a daily basis

 following bad diets, as well as exposure to environmental pollutants all the time, all factors lead to your feeling of fatigue and stress, and may lead you to the point of illness. In addition, these toxins may lead you to various infections and sometimes obesity.

Doctors and nutritionists advise the importance of conducting a detoxification procedure for the Body “Detox” at least once a year, in order to restore your activity and the health of your body.

It is also recommended to refrain or reduce the intake of red or white meat or fish during the"detox"process.

Dairy, meat, and fish products contain levels of" dioxin", a toxic and carcinogenic compound that can damage the body's immune system, and it also interacts with the body's hormones, if consumed in excess.

It is also recommended to take a glass of laxative herbs in order to clean the intestines of any waste, the day before the” detox” operation.

It is also forbidden to eat processed foods and sugars during the” detox” process.

As for the steps of the daily “detox”, they are as follows

1) drink two glasses of water, each with the juice of a whole lemon, on an empty stomach in the morning. This will help in the process of digesting breakfast and purify the liver of toxins.

2) during breakfast, one, and a half cups of pure pineapple juice can be drunk. Pineapple contains “bromelain”, a compound that contains protein digesting enzymes, helps in breaking down protein in the body, which helps the body digest protein and make the most of its benefits.

3) between breakfast and lunch, you should take one to one and a half cups of whipped carrot juice (smoothie), it contains a compound called "falcarinol", known for its cancer-fighting properties. Also, the fiber contained in carrots helps the body get rid of” estrogen” and additional hormones. It also contains high levels of vitamin “A”, which promotes digestive health.

4) during a lunch meal, you should take one and a half cups of a potassium-rich drink that will be prepared by mixing celery, parsley, carrots, and spinach. Potassium helps strengthen nerves and muscles. It also helps cells absorb nutrients, and helps them get rid of waste products, which strengthens the process of purifying the body of toxins. Potassium also helps reduce the damage caused by sodium, especially in relation to blood pressure. This drink is also rich in manganese, which promotes bone health, in addition to helping the body absorb calcium and regulate blood sugar levels.

5) about an hour before dinner, a cup of tea containing ginger and mint should be drunk. Mint helps the intestines get rid of waste products, it also relieves pain and calms stress. As for ginger, it prevents nausea, helps with digestion and promotes blood flow to the digestive tract.

6) and in the evening, about two hours before bedtime, you should take about 340 milliliters of cherry juice. It is rich in harmful antibacterial elements such as” ecol” (E. Cole), as it prevents their adhesion to cells and the urethra. Research has also proven that cherry juice reduces the ability of the bacteria"ETI-pylori" (H-pylori) to coexist in the stomach and the formation of ulcers.

With this recipe, the first day of the"detox" process ends, and it must be repeated for two more days, with the importance of eating healthy meals and taking enough time to rest and relax, so that you can clean and purify your mind as well as your body.

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