Necessary for the weight loss process

There are some simple things in front of your eyes

 they are 
necessary for the weight loss process, the most important of which is N
Turn down the lights

“and turn up some music while you eat.

“These environmental distractions

“will take your attention
away from the food.”

Turn your house into a rave while you eat,

get a giant bear chasing you around

so that you don't have enough time

to put the food in your mouth.

What kind of advice is that?

For those of you who are

looking to be at a healthier weight,

the internet has no shortage

of weight loss advice.

I'm going to take some of that advice,

and put it through a lie detector.

And find out what's true, what's not,

Let's get started.

“Drink black coffee.

“This will boost your metabolism.”

Well, look, caffeine is a stimulant.

So it could potentially
boost your metabolism.

But why I like this statement

is because black coffee means

that it doesn't have excess calories

From sugar, milk, creamer.

All of that.

In addition, black coffee will technically

keep your fast going.

So if you're a fan of
intermittent fasting,

you're still going to be getting
a lot of those same benefits

with having a little stimulation onboard.

“Hang a mirror in front
of your dining table.

“Studies show watching yourself

“reduces the amount of food you consume.”

No, if you want to hang a mirror

in front of your dining
table because of decor,

please, go right ahead.

If you're doing it so you hate yourself

while you're eating, no.

“Use smaller plates and
bowls to serve your own food.

“This is an optical trick

“that will give you a full sensation

“from seeing a clean plate.”

I like this tip.

I think it's a fairly benign tip.

Really, one of the biggest problems

in the eating habits of my patients

who are obese or overweight

is that they eat colossal portions,

and they don't even realize it.

So by having a smaller plate,

you're already helping yourself

to figure out a healthy portion size.

But also when you see it

and you eat the entire plate,

there is a psychological concept

to how you absorb those calories.

It really does take effect.

“Participate in intermittent fasting,

“though it may also reduce muscle mass.”

This is controversial.

For some, like myself,

intermittent fasting works great

because you're eating in
a very specific window,

meaning that you're not
eating for 16 hours of the day

and you're only eating
in a time-restricted

eight hour feeding pattern,

you're going to eat fewer calories.

That's just the nature of
eating in a smaller window.

That being said,

some people actually get
a disordered relationship

with their eating habits

when they do this type of fasting.

So it's certainly not for everyone,

but it is an option.

And we've actually seen some
favorable health effects

outside just the weight loss.

That includes hormonal changes,

favorable hormonal changes,

increased clarity.

Also there's a genuine benefit

to not having to eat
for 16 hours of the day.

Kind of gives you an advantage

for you to be able to focus, exercise,

perhaps do a little mindfulness session.

Which can go a long
way to calming you down

“with whey protein powder.”

This one I am hesitant to
recommend to a lot of folks.

I'm not a huge fan of getting

my protein needs from supplements.

When you eat a protein rich meal,

it usually comes with some fat.

Perhaps some carbohydrates,

depending on the source of the protein.

And when you're getting
whey protein powder,

you're really isolating the protein

and getting just that.

I feel like you can find
nutrient rich protein sources

like tuna, like salmon.

And in addition to the protein,

you're also gonna get a
lot of other nutrients

that aren't found a whey protein,

like omega-3 fatty acids.

“Chew more slowly.

“Your brain can take time to signal

“to your stomach that you're full,

“so being patient with how quickly you eat

“can allow your brain time to cut off

“before you overeat.”

I would change this
advice just a little bit.

I would say chew thoroughly,

'cause if you slow down your chewing,

that might be a little awkward.

But if you choose thoroughly,

you could actually give yourself the time

to signal to your body that you're fuller,

that you're getting the
nourishment that you require.

'Cause it's really about eating

to the point where you're satiated,

not to the point where you feel so full

that you hate yourself.

Let's be honest,

we've all been there.

But that's not an ideal place to be

if you're trying to
maintain a healthy weight.

“Spoil food you don't want or need to eat.

“If you've got leftovers
that are calling your name,

“find a way to ruin the food

“such as dousing it in milk

“or pouring in a ton of salt.”


Not only will this create

a very disordered eating pattern

where you're destroying food instead of

creating a healthy relationship with it,

but you're also getting rid
of food that someone can eat.

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